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18 December 2008 @ 09:09 am
Name: J

Location in Pittsburgh: North Oakland (yep, right in the city)

Favorite kinds of tea and why: I'm partial to highly oxidized oolongs from Taiwan, young pu-erhs, and blueberry rooibos.

Do you frequent any cafes or tea rooms? If so, which ones?: The only one I've visited in town was Te Cafe in Squirrel Hill.  It was nice, but didn't have a wide selection of the teas I like.

Do you collect any sort of tea items? (boxes of tea, teacups, etc): I collect tea and tea tins - I have a cupboard full of them!

Interested in group afternoon tea sessions?: Yes!  Any time to get together with tea drinkers is fun!

How did you find this community?: a friend sent me the link!