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22 December 2008 @ 11:09 pm
...and have buttered scones for tea!  
Name: Adam

Location in Pittsburgh: Squirrel Hill

Favorite kinds of tea and why: I've been loving the Rooibos lately, and I always like a good green. I grew up on Turkish Black Tea, as my parents lived in Turkey for a few years before I was born and picked up the habit, which they passed on to me. I still love the Turkish, but I don't drink it often because I've been dropping off the Caffeine-Train lately. Most often, I'll make something green, often a gunpowder of some kind.

Do you frequent any cafes or tea rooms? If so, which ones?: I drink the TAZO at Starbucks all the time, simply because I work near one and the bus puts me there early enough to sit in the SB. I love, love, love Te Cafe in Sq. Hill and am starting to make it a habit on the way home. Kiva Han on Craig St in Oakland is a place I enjoy, although I've never actually had tea there...I'm sure it is, but I don't even recall seeing tea on their menu?

Do you collect any sort of tea items? (boxes of tea, teacups, etc): Bodum teapots are the most AWESOME things ever. I'm also a fan of all the little tetsubin and yixing (sp?) pots, but I couldn't say I collect them. If I had a lot more money, I likely would.

Do you enjoy subcultures involving tea-related meet-ups?(steampunk, EGL, etc): Wouldn't say "no," but can't claim "yes."

Interested in group afternoon tea sessions?: I like kibbitzing and/or kvetching, and I like tea. If it's in Sq. Hill or on a major bus line, I'd be interested.

How did you find this community?: posting in Pittsburgh's LJ group